Nav K Collection Fashion Design Studio

High-End Fashion Meets Local Craftsmanship

Nav K Collection is a brand that delivers upscale-handmade suit accessories that are crafted locally and most of the fabric is also sourced locally within Toronto and some throughout Canada.

Owned by fashion designer Navjot Kaur Chohan, this fashion studio may be little, but it’s making a big impact in the Toronto fashion scene. Featured at events such as Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM*) and on Breakfast Television, pretty soon every new groom and fashion lover will be wearing a piece from one of Nav’s collections.

Creatives Working Together

This branding design is a great example of the stunning work that can be produced when two creatives work together. Nav has a specific style and she wanted her branding to reflect that. I was able to stick to my minimalist approach to design and incorporate her unique style into her brand. We started with exploring many different styles so we could eliminate what didn’t fit.

Finally we ended up with a word mark which incorporated the following elements:

Colour Scheme: The copper, mint and emerald colour scheme works perfectly with the high-end products and fabrics that are in every collection.

Texture: The copper texture appeals to the target audience who is in search for upscale accessories.

Font: The clean font balances the entire composition.

Completing the Brand Experience

All the elements of the logo have been carried into the photography, studio interior design, trade-show materials, website, and more – delivering a cohesive brand experience.

Browse the entire Nav K Collection here >

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