Baxtec: A Branding Case Study

Baxtec Gets A Makeover

In the past 10 years Baxtec has become one of the top suppliers of mechanical services to businesses in Ottawa and surrounding areas. It was time for their brand to showcase their accomplishments and give them an edge over the competition.

What Baxtec Wasn’t Looking For

During initial discussions the overall design direction became clear: They did not want to look like the “typical” HVAC company with bright red and blue arrows or swirls. Baxtec was ready to break through the traditional look and feel that companies in their industry had adopted over the years.

Breaking The Mould

In order to find out what makes Baxtec truly unique we conducted a thorough information gathering phase consisting of:

  • Corporate research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Interviews with management
  • Industry research

During this phase we were able to uncover what is most important to them: their 4 core values. Each new employee is given coaching specifically on the company’s core values.

At the Company’s Core

The 4 core values were the inspiration for their new logo design. Each panel that connects to create the “X” represents one core value. Each set of panels create hidden arrows pointing to each other, keeping the composition balanced.

The mid-tone blue text anchors the logo and provides a sense of trust and professionalism, while the bright green allows the brand to feel approachable and progressive.



With the new logo design selected, we were able to position Baxtec as a company that is professional and knowledgeable – a true leader in their industry.

The clean font, colour scheme and modern style was then carried through to their new website design, thus completing their brand redesign.




Baxtec is Back

The new brand and responsive website have given Baxtec the competitive edge they needed to sustain existing business relationships and forge new ones.

Carefully crafted as Creative Director at EnvisionUP

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